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Health History

massage3At your first visit I’ll greet you and offer you a seat in my waiting area.  I’ll give you a Health History form to complete which will ask you about health issues which could be relevant to me as your Massage Therapist.  If you have been prescribed several medications, it is helpful if you bring a list of the medications with you. The use of some medications will prompt me to alter the massage techniques I use.


I will bring you into the private treatment room to conduct a brief, confidential interview with you so that we can plan a safe, effective massage treatment.  I may perform some simple assessments to better define the nature of ailments or injuries.  These tests will all be done only with your informed consent.  Once we agree on a treatment plan, I will show you how to get ready for the treatment and then I will leave the room to let you get ready in private.  If you are hampered by an injury or other difficulty, I am able to stay in the treatment room and assist you with getting ready for the treatment and getting safely on the table.



Most people worry about what to wear during a massage.  I have massaged many people who were fully clothed and many who were completely unclothed.  Do not feel squeamish about getting on the table totally nude or leaving your underwear on.  You will have total privacy within the treatment room to dress and undress as you wish.  I will not re-enter the room until I have knocked on the door and asked for your permission to open the door once you are on the table under the top-sheet.  I am trained and skilled in using the top-sheet to protect your privacy at all times.  It is easier for me to work directly on bare skin but I am not bothered in the least if you choose to leave some articles of clothing on.  My goal is for you to feel relaxed and secure during the treatment. 

Other Things People Worry About

I absolutely do not care at all whether or not you have shaved.  Do not deprive yourself of the luxury of an awesome massage because you’re worried about body hair. 

Sensitive body areas
I am trained to perform expert massage of the entire body including the following sensitive areas: buttocks, breasts, inner thigh and jaw muscles inside the mouth.  Sensitive body areas will only be treated with your informed consent.  If you feel that you would benefit from massage of one or more of these areas, please let me know during the interview.  I will thoroughly discuss the advantages and risks of these treatments with you and make sure that you are fully comfortable with a treatment plan before proceeding. RMTs are trained to strictly avoid contact with genitals, gluteal cleft (aka bum-crack) and nipples/areola.

Body odour
Just finished a rough day at work or a round of golf and you want a great massage on your way home but you worry about being sweaty and smelly?  Please stop worrying about it.  Like most RMTs, I’ve worked sporting events where athletes drenched in sweat have benefitted from my treatment.

Tips and Gratuities
This is an extremely personal gesture which I want each of my clients to be 100% comfortable with.  You may practice this custom or not as you wish.  I am honoured that you trust me to be part of your health care and I feel fully compensated with payment at my posted rates.  I pledge also to gratefully honour any gift which you feel like giving.

Tattoos, birthmarks and scars
As an RMT, I’m trained to not judge or comment on scars, tattoos, birthmarks etc.  Unless I’m treating a specific scar or think that there’s a compelling reason to ask about the medical history of a scar I won’t mention it. Don’t be disappointed if I don’t compliment you on a tattoo; I’ve been trained not to.  Feel free to bring these topics up yourself, I will happily listen.

Body type
Every human being can benefit from regular massage.  Its tragic that some people would be too self-conscious to get on an RMT’s table.  Whether you’re obese, muscular or anorexic or somewhere in between, please do not let negative feelings about your body stop you from getting massage.  Everyone deserves massage.


massage8This is your massage.  Give me honest feedback on the pressure I’m using.  I’ve been trained to start in all new areas with light pressure until the tissue has been properly warmed-up.  Then, as I find knots or other problem points, I will use more and more pressure.  I will check-in with you when I’m at about 60% of my maximum pressure to see how you feel about it.  Contrary to popular urban mythology, a good massage should not be torture.  If you are in pain on my table it will make you tense and apprehensive which would be counter-productive to what we’re trying to accomplish.  There are many ways to help you with massage therapy without resorting to brute force.  You could have a superb massage with very little pressure being used.  If deeper pressure is required I will cheerfully exert an intense amount of pressure in a thoughtful professional manner.

During the Treatment

Its all about you.  I’ll talk only as much as you do.  If you want to talk; I’ll listen.  If you ask me questions: I’ll answer them.  If you want to remain silent: so will I.  Many clients fall asleep during the treatment and this does not diminish the effectiveness of the massage at all.  I will discuss planned position changes with you before the massage and guide you through them during the massage.  It is easy for me to safeguard your privacy while you turn over on the table.  If you are too hot or cold during the massage, please tell me and I will adjust the temperature in the room.  I will play spa-like music during the treatment.  If you bring your own music you are welcome to play that instead or simply enjoy the treatment in silence; just let me know.

After the Treatment

I will let you know when the treatment is over and step out of the room to give you your privacy to rise from the table and get redressed.  Most people feel very relaxed or even groggy at this point.  When you’re dressed, I will knock and seek your permission to re-enter the treatment room.  If you’re hindered by an injury or otherwise need assistance, I am able to remain in the treatment room to help you get off the table and get dressed. We’ll talk briefly about how you feel and what sort of homecare or remedial exercises you should do.  If I feel that you could benefit from an ongoing treatment plan, I will discuss this with you at this time also.