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December 15, 2015

This is my friend Kathleen. She's a Registered Nurse who is dedicating herself to serve God overseas in mission work with SIM. She's done a couple of short-term mission trips to Uganda and now she's raising funds and support to move to Benin, Africa where she'll minister to the people of that country with her nursing skills.

I'm blessed to be able to help Kathleen's efforts in a small way. In the month of January, anyone who wants to support Kathleen's mission...and get an awesome massage...can come to my clinic for a treatment. I'll donate half of the proceeds of those massages to Kathleen's fundraising efforts. My rates are: $50 for half hour, $80 for 1 hour and $100 for 90 mins.

Have a look at the online booker on my website: www.brookstonemassagetherapy.com If you see a vacancy that appeals to you in January and you want to help Kathleen, just book yourself in and let me know that the session is to support Kathleen.