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Massage of the abdomen (or belly) is a treatment that many people don't know about and that others fear. The abdomen is an emotionally significant part of our bodies. Some are proud of their abdomen, many are ashamed of it. Most people feel vulnerable in that region.

The abdomen can benefit greatly from massage. This treatment is gentle and is designed to address the myriad of muscles which cross the belly. The therapist will use strokes which follow the motion of your large intestine.

Abdominal massage is usually performed with the client on their back. Sometimes with knees drawn up. The RMT covers the client's chest with one draping and then brings the other draping down to just below the belly button, exposing the abdomen for treatment. Long gentle strokes soothe cramping muscles. Clockwise, circular strokes help move things along in the bowel. If you're constipated, this treatment can help a lot. If you have diarrhea - this treatment is not for you! Symptoms of PMS can be somewhat alleviated with this treatment (occasionally made worse though).

If you get regular massage to stay healthy, you should ask your therapist about abdominal massage. I like doing abdominal massage because I know its almost certain to make you feel better and move better.