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about tom2

My name is Tom Peppard. I am a graduate of the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage's 2200 hour RMT program and I am board certified by the College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick. After an exciting career in the military I became interested in health care and discovered a love for massage. I have operated my own personal training company for several years and worked alongside many people striving to attain better health.

My vision is to establish a tranquil spa in the Fredericton area where clients will be treated to an incredible massage and spoiled by perfect personal service. Whether you need relief from pain or want to include massage therapy as part of a regular healthy lifestyle, you will be treated by effective evidence-based techniques at Brookstone Massage Therapy. I do constantly strive to master the proven and timeless techniques which I know will benefit my clients. I look forward to meeting you.


I was tired and happy.
I stopped by a brook to rest awhile.

The soil was soft and warm.
The raven's wingbeat whispered overhead.

The wind combed her fingers through the pines.
A squirrel complained about me from the safety of his tree.

I rose to my feet and stretched.
I could smell the sun and taste the freedom.

I crouched toward the brook to take a drink.
Sweet cold water dripped from my grateful lips and then I saw.

Flowing on the water, my reflection with sky and trees above.
And brookstones staring up at me.